Power Supply for Samsung

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Power Supply for Samsung Laptop, Netbook, Notebook
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Power Supply for Samsung Laptop, Netbook, Notebook

Compatible with the following models:

Samsung NP200, Samsung NP400, Samsung NT-Q320, Samsung NT-SF310, Samsung GT7700, Samsung GS6000, Samsung Q320, Samsung NP-Q320, Samsung NT-Q322, Samsung NT-SF410, Samsung GT8910, Samsung GT6000, Samsung Q322, Samsung NP-Q322, Samsung NT-Q428, Samsung NT-X330, Samsung GT8910KXV, Samsung CM7000 series, Samsung Q428, Samsung NP-Q428, Samsung NT-R423, Samsung NT-X331, Samsung P30, Samsung P28 series, Samsung R423, Samsung NP-R423, Samsung NT-R428, Samsung NT-X430, Samsung SN6000, Samsung P30 series, Samsung R428, Samsung NP-R428, Samsung NT-R429, Samsung NT-X431, Samsung VM8100XTD, Samsung P35 series, Samsung R429, Samsung NP-R429, Samsung NT-R430, Samsung GT8000, Samsung VM8095, Samsung M40 series SPA-X19/E, Samsung R430, Samsung NP-R430, Samsung NT-R431, Samsung 8100, Samsung V8095CX, Samsung M40 series SPA-X19, Samsung R431, Samsung NP-R431, Samsung NT-R439, Samsung GT8600, Samsung VM7600, Samsung Q35, Samsung R439, Samsung NP-R439, Samsung NT-R440, Samsung GT8600XT, Samsung VM7600CT, Samsung Q40, Samsung R440, Samsung NP-R440, Samsung NT-R458, Samsung GT8650, Samsung VM7700, Samsung Q45, Samsung R458, Samsung NP-R458, Samsung NT-R460, Samsung GT8650XT, Samsung VM7700XTD, Samsung Q1, Samsung R460, Samsung NP-R460, Samsung NT-R462, Samsung GT8700, Samsung VM8110CXTD, Samsung Q30, Samsung R462, Samsung NP-R462, Samsung NT-R463, Samsung GT8700XT, Samsung VM8110XTC, Samsung NP-Q1, Samsung R463, Samsung NP-R463, Samsung NT-R464, Samsung GT8750, Samsung VM6000, Samsung NP-Q35, Samsung R464, Samsung NP-R464, Samsung NT-R465, Samsung GT8750XT, Samsung VM6300, Samsung NP-Q40, Samsung R465, Samsung NP-R465, Samsung NT-R466, Samsung GT8750XV, Samsung VM6300CT, Samsung NP-Q45, Samsung R466, Samsung NP-R466, Samsung NT-R467, Samsung GT8800, Samsung VM7000 MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX, Samsung R467, Samsung NP-R467, Samsung NT-R468, Samsung GT8800XT, Samsung VM7550 MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX series, Samsung R468, Samsung NP-R468, Samsung NT-R470, Samsung GT8800XV, Samsung VM7550CT MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX2, Samsung R470, Samsung NP-R470, Samsung NT-R522, Samsung GT8850, Samsung VM7650 MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX3, Samsung R522, Samsung NP-R522, Samsung NT-R478, Samsung GT8850XT, Samsung VM7650CT MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort LT, Samsung R478, Samsung NP-R478, Samsung NT-R480, Samsung GT8850XTD, Samsung VM7650CXTD MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort VX, Samsung R480, Samsung NP-R480, Samsung NT-RC420, Samsung GT8900, Samsung VM8000 MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT, Samsung RC410, Samsung NP-RC410, Samsung NT-RC425, Samsung GT8900DXV, Samsung VM8080 MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT2, Samsung RC420, Samsung NP-RC420, Samsung NT-RF411, Samsung GT8900XTR, Samsung VM8080CXT MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort ZX, Samsung RC425, Samsung NP-RC425, Samsung NT-RV408, Samsung GT9000, Samsung VM8090 Samsung Sens 630, Samsung RF411, Samsung NP-RF411, Samsung NT-RV410, Samsung GT9000 PRO, Samsung VM8090CT, Samsung Sens 820, Samsung RV408, Samsung NP-RV408, Samsung NT-RV508, Samsung GT6330, Samsung VM8090CXTD, Samsung Sens Pro 680, Samsung RV410, Samsung NP-RV410, Samsung NT-Q330, Samsung GT6330XT, Samsung VM8100, Samsung Sens Pro 850, Samsung RV508, Samsung NP-RV508, Samsung NT-QX310, Samsung GT6360, Samsung VM8100CX Samsung MetroBook, Samsung Q330, Samsung NP-Q330, Samsung NT-Q230, Samsung GT6360XT, Samsung VM8100CXTD, Samsung MetroBook LT, Samsung QX310, Samsung NP-QX310, Samsung NT-Q318, Samsung GT6400, Samsung X05, Samsung MetroBook VL, Samsung Q230, Samsung NP-Q230, Samsung NT-P428, Samsung GT6400XV, Samsung X10, Samsung Aquila X05 Series, Samsung Q318, Samsung NP-Q318, Samsung NT-P230, Samsung GT7000, Samsung X15, Samsung Aquila X10 Series, Samsung P428, Samsung NP-P428, Samsung NT-P330, Samsung X20, Samsung Corona P30 Series, Samsung P230, Samsung NP-P230, Samsung X30, Samsung P330, Samsung NP-P330, Samsung X360 X460, Samsung SF310, Samsung NP-SF310, Samsung SF311, Samsung NP-SF311, Samsung SF410, Samsung NP-SF410, Samsung SF411, Samsung NP-SF411, Samsung X330, Samsung NP-X330, Samsung X331, Samsung NP-X331, Samsung X430, Samsung NP-X430, Samsung X431, Samsung NP-X431


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