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Access Control


Systems for access control and time attendance

Necessary for:

  • Your building security
  • Curbing unauthorized access and processing a complete in/out record
  • Collecting clocking data systematically


  • Access Control Devices

    Devices for time attendance and access control. They read fingerprint data and/or RFID cards.

  • Card Technology

    Card technology: magnetic stripe readers (MSR) for credit cards, EU cards, customer cards.

  • RFID Readers and Writers

    RFID readers/writers for wireless and contactless data capture.

  • Smart Card Readers and...


    Smart card readers/writers. For nearly all standards and commercial operating systems. Ideal for network and computer authentication, payment processes (i.e. homebanking) etc.

  • Access Control...

    Metal cases, switches, AC controllers, EM locks etc for access control systems.

  • Access Control...

    Lanyards, card cases, proximity cards for access control.

  • Waiter Key Solutions

    Waiter key solutions for fast and easy personal identification.

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