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Connection Interface :

Connection Interface :

Additional Features :

Additional Features :


High tech products for simple or special needs in a big variety.

USB microscope, walkie talkie, baby monitor, consumables for PC.

If you don’t find something you need, just call us!

Other products Taxcode SA


  • Cases

    PC cases Mini ITX

  • Software

    Software suitable for POS Systems, PC (OS software), ERPs and other utilities

  • Roll Papers

    Thermal roll paper for every dimension needed!

    Suitable for fiscal devices (cash registers, fiscal electronic signature devices), thermal printers and POS machines.

  • Adaptors & Cables

    Connect with our adaptors:

    • Every serial or parallel device into a USB port
    • Many PCs into 1 screen
    • Devices through Bluetooth technology into your PC

    Find the cable you need!

  • Digital Signage

    A means of live information for:

    • Increasing your sales
    • Presenting personalized messages and services
    • Improving communication with your customers
    • Offering your customers information and amusement
    • Reducing the advertisement cost

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