Zebra DS457-HD DS457-HDER20004

InCounter Scanner Zebra DS457-HD (DS457-HDER20004)

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Zebra DS457-HD, 2D, HD, Dual-IF, kit (RS232), black (DS457-HDER20004)
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Built-in scanner, 2D, imager (high density), dual interface (RS232, USB), IP54, dimensions (WxHxD): 62x29,2x58,4mm, incl.: cable (RS232, straight, 1.8 m), power supply unit (wall wart), colour: black

Get hands-free convenience and extroadinary scanner speed on any barcode on any surface

Four models to meet any data capture need: Standard Range, High-density, Driver's License parsing or Direct Part Marks

Ideal where a zero or minimal footprint is required This device can be mounted just about anywhere

Can be used as a standalone scanner or integrated into the most space-constrained products for mobile computers, handheld scanners, self-service kiosks, and more

Unique aiming pattern: Bright central dot ensures quick, accurate scanning — even in bright sunlight

Introducing the InCounter Scanner Zebra DS457-HD, the ultimate scanning solution for businesses of all sizes. With its built-in scanner, this device offers the convenience of hands-free operation and exceptional scanning speed on any barcode, no matter the surface.

Featuring a high-density imager, the DS457-HD is capable of reading small, intricate barcodes with ease. This makes it ideal for industries that require precise barcode scanning, such as healthcare, electronics, and manufacturing.

Equipped with a dual interface (RS232, USB), this scanner allows for seamless integration into existing systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. It also comes with a straight cable (1.8m) and a power supply unit (wall wart) for added convenience.

What sets the DS457-HD apart from other scanners is its minimal footprint, making it perfect for businesses with limited space. Whether it's a mobile computer, handheld scanner, or self-service kiosk, this versatile device can be mounted almost anywhere, providing a seamless scanning experience for both employees and customers.

One of the standout features of the DS457-HD is its unique aiming pattern. With a bright central dot, this scanner ensures quick and accurate scanning, even in bright sunlight. Say goodbye to struggling with poorly lit environments or squinting to get a barcode to scan correctly.

Affordability is another key aspect of the DS457-HD. Despite its advanced features and high-quality performance, this scanner offers excellent value for money. Businesses can efficiently improve their barcode scanning capabilities without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the InCounter Scanner Zebra DS457-HD is the ultimate scanning solution for businesses that require fast, precise, and affordable barcode scanning. With its compact size, versatile mounting options, and superior scanning capabilities, this device is a game-changer for any industry. Upgrade your barcode scanning experience with the DS457-HD and witness unmatched efficiency and convenience.

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Additional Features : 2D
Connection Interface : RS232 USB
Color : Black
Warranty in Months : 36
Protection Class : IP54
Zebra DS457-HD DS457-HDER20004