Navigation in the website does not require someone to be registered. Registration is needed to order products. Visitor/user agrees on a) giving true, accurate, valid and full information when asked and b) preserving and updating his/her registration data, so that it is true, accurate, updated and full. This information is strictly confidential and needful strictly for the completion of the order and not given to third persons in any case. TAXCODE SA is not responsible for leakage of confidential information due to digital rupture of its website or its database.

During user’s registration, some data is required to execute the order. Furthermore, the user must create a username and a password. It’s highly recommended that the user changes frequently his password and the passwords selected must not be the same and easily detectable for security reasons. The user is the only person who is aware of these passwords, must keep them safe, must not communicate them and he is solely responsible in case of leakage to third parties. When a subscribed user enters his codes and there is no activity on his part for fifteen (15) minutes, he is automatically disconnected from the member area of the site for security reasons.



TAXCODE SA does not collect users’ private data apart from the necessary and legal for legitimate purposes in order to edit an invoice in the case of ordering products (name/company name, postal invoicing and delivery address, e-mail address, telephone number, VAT number).

Your e-mail address may be used for advertisement purposes and only for TAXCODE SA’s products, in the form of a newsletter. Any user can be unsubscribed of the newsletter recipient list, if wished, through the appropriate link shown. The e-mail addresses are not provided in anyone and in any case.

Your data are not editable beyond purchasing reasons, are not provided or shown in any third part, except the competent legal authorities under law enforcement.

Users have in any time the right of access, to rectification, erasure (“right to be forgotten”, to restriction of processing, to data portability and to object to their personal data.

Everything mentioned above agrees with the relevant Greek and European law.


The website may contain references [via (hyper)links, banners, videos] that are likely to transfer the user to third party websites. TAXCODE SA does not represent, control or is responsible for their content, accuracy, privacy policy, operation, legality, accuracy. The user must review the terms of use and privacy policy available on these websites. The placement of these (hyper)links is solely for the convenience of visitors / users of the website and their placement is not an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites on the part of TAXCODE SA.

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Taxcode SA has the right to amend the privacy policy in any time it is needed, in accordance with the law. Please check out our privacy policy often.


Last update: September 2022

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