Other 3D Printing Pen for real 3D creations!

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3D Printing Pen for real 3D creations!

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3D Printing Pen. 3D printing pens are the future of the art world and you need to jump on the bandwagon. With the 3D Printing Pen, you can actually bring your imagination to life with real life 3D sculptures. This pen uses a heated plastic that instantly hardens when it leaves it tip of the pen allowing you to create real life 3D creations. This pen is lightweight, slim and easy to handle. You can use the 3D Printing Pen for long periods of time without tiring out your hand. Thanks to the lightweight design, you can operate the pen easier and have much more control over extrusion speed. Vertical and Horizontal Use: The pen gives you the option of drawing vertically or horizontally. It is safe and suitable for men, women and children. It is not only great for creating 3D sculptors, but it can help kids that have trouble grasping abstract concepts. These kids can actually touch and feel what they are creating, which creates a visual aid. Along with this, the pen can also help kids improve their spatial thinking abilities. When you purchase the 3D printing pen, you will receive everything that you need to get started including the pen, quick start guide, power adapter and 30g of ABS filament. Suitable for all age groups: The great benefits of owning the 3D printing pen is its compatibility and versatility. It is suitable for all age groups, but younger children should be monitored at all times. It is so versatile that it can be utilized for drawing on paper, 3D printing and freehand. The user can make quick color changes in the middle of his/her project. Specifications: Very affordable and yet durable. Lightweight, slim and easy to handle design. Draws vertically or horizontally. Suitable for all. Helps kids grasp abstract concepts. Unfolds yours and your kids' creativity. Forward button conveniently located in proximity of where the thumb rests on the pen
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3D Printing Pen
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